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Dr. Stan Wood
Consultant — Coach — Adjunct Professor
5662 Calle Real #344
Goleta, CA 93117
c. 415.419.4934

Sower’s Field: New Leaders for New Churches

Executive Summary


Sower’s Field exists to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ “to make disciples” through identifying, equipping and empowering a new generation of who plant new churches—and to help established churches become evangelizing communities of faith where believers are dynamic sharers of the Gospel.


  • In the last two decades there are more than 56 million more people in the US who attend no church
  • As this church attendance trend continues this means that only one or two people out of every ten people are attending a Christian church as of 2020
  • Vibrant church plants focus on people who have not received the saving grace of the Christ—the unchurched
  • Just to maintain the presence of the Christian Church in the US at our present percent of the US population, we need to plant more than 24,000 new churches every decade
  • The largest unchurched populations in the North American mission field are the iGen and Millennials (late teens, 20s into early 30s)
  • The American Church is in crisis
  • How can we respond to this crisis?


  • The response is found in our Lord’s Great Commission “to make disciples”
  • The key to church planting is developing leadership
  • The Sower’s Field response seeks to fulfill the Great Commission by focusing on new leaders for new churches
  • There exists today a church planter leadership development vacuum in theological education
  • How shall we respond?


Sower’s Field is focused on church planting leadership through leadership development that has three key components:

  • identifying,
  • equipping and
  • empowering

…a new generation of church planters.

Sower’s Field equips established churches in recalibrating focus on God’s mission—on becoming evangelizing communities of faith.


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