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Discernment about whether or not God is calling you into church planting is the single most important leadership decision. The world famous Gallop organization has developed a survey called the Gallop SRI Talent Dimensions to aid in discernment of behaviors and skills needed in planting a church. Sower’s Field offers this survey and a private consultation discussion time Dr. Stan Wood, during which time your survey results and their meaning are reviewed.

Take a 30 minute online “Mission Developer” survey developed by the Gallup Organization—the survey measures talents for church planting along the following dimensions: motivation, influence, work style, relationship, thought process. 

The SRI Talent Dimensions report presents your scores along side SRI Index results. The results include: the student’s score, which indicates potential talent and role fit for church planting; this is displayed using bar graphs comparing the student’s results and those of a benchmark group of top church planters that Gallop analyzed in developing the survey tool. 

Gallop SRI “Mission Developer Survey” and interpretation—cost $129. 

Click here to purchase access to the survey: you will be sent an email with the Survey website and code that only you can use, which assures your right to take the survey and receive the results, and have an interpretation consultation.

Click Buy Now to purchase your test.

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